If there is another adjective for Patience, I would call it Steve Jamski!

“My husband and I are first time home owners in Georgia . Steve Jamski is one of the most amazing persons I have ever come across. To begin with, I am the toughest person for a sale to be made. Steven is super patient, keen and very understanding. If there is another adjective for Patience, I would call it “STEVE JAMSKI”. Our journey with Steve started over 2 years while we were searching for homes. Not once did I hear the man huff or puff. Steve never complained. We saw more than 300+ homes. Steve was available every time we asked for him and even when he was busy, he always made himself available to us. Steve was with us from the beginning, when we started the search until after we moved into the house. He helped us with the right contacts even after closing on our home like grass folks, the construction guys, small minor fixes in the house. Steve was amazing all along. I enjoyed every bit from looking at homes until closing. He even came to our closing despite COVID concerns. I would highly recommend Steve as a realtor; he is very thorough, always on top of things will take his time and HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. He will walk you through every step until after you move in. It has been 5 months since we bought our home, and he stills calls and checks on us. He helped us get contacts for the closet person, the basement remodelers and the backyard landscapers. Thank you, Steven! We enjoy our house every day. Thank you for helping us pick the right house. Every time when I sit in the patio, I think about the first time when I stood in the backyard of the house and you read my facial expression. Right then, you said, “I see you’re thinking hard about it” and you caught my expression. That moment was priceless. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future Mostly importantly you want to be with a person who values your thoughts and is not pushy. I highly recommend anyone who’s reading this and looking for a home, CALL STEVE!!!

— Cynthia C , Client